Our cuisine, a sincere cuisine

The best ingredients

At Al Tun Tún we use only top quality ingridients, from the best fish or the best meat to the latest seasoning, everything is designed to offer you a good gastronomic experience.

atun rojo

The Al Tun Tún tuna

We only work with bluefin tuna, that is, the best tuna in the world. We always have a traceability document.


Fish and shellfish

Just arrived from the fish market, in our display you can see and select the fish and shellfish that you want us to cook for you.



Highlights our memorable Josper beef steak, truffled cheek or glazed Iberian shank amoung other specialities



We always offer small delicacies such as anchovies from Santoña, the liquid yolk souffle or our exquisite foie micuit.

In the best hands

It is not enough to work with the best ingredients, it is also necessary to put those ingredients in good hands.

Our kitchen team has enough experience and training to get the best out of each ingredient, and to combine them in surprising creations that will delight your palate.